Rural Haat inaugurated in Angangba village

Residents of Angangba village and officials from NABARD during the inauguration of rural marketing haat on July 25.

The 'Rural Marketing Haat,' sanctioned and endowed by the Government of India and implemented by the Better Life Foundation (BLF) was inaugurated on July the 25th of 2019 as a platform of Marketing for the various agricultural cooperatives (Farmers' Producer Organizations, FPOs) that are being nurtured by the Foundation. It's prime objective for the nex 25 years will be the development of market opportunities in the region---coordination of sales, training, research and technological development, advertising, technical assistance, etc.

Attendees to the inauguration consisted in dignitaries such as the deputy-general manager of the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, Hon'ble Suresh Chandra Sahoo, and the head elder of Sangtam tribe's Angangba Village, Chief C. Tokyu.

The Marketing platform is optimally located for logistical purposes---adjacent to National Highway 202, which runs to all the major economic centres of India.