Honey Harvest 2020

Proceeds from the sales will go to the training of the Farmers, Beekeepers, and Forest-Rangers of the Better Life Foundation, which is committed to social responsibility and rural development withing the HKH (Hindu-Kush Himalayan Region), and the villages of Tuensang District in particular. 
Traditional Log-Hives, especially at elevations of over 2,000 metres above sea-level (masl).

We aim with this project to:p
romote the production of high-quality honey in the North-East, Contribute to the formation of viable self-organizing communities in remote and border villages; and progress “Made in Nagaland” to global standards of quality.
Supported by NABARD or otherwise, the villagers all use the simple box-hive as a matter of preference, owing to the bees' aversion to the paint applied to the scientific (Langstroth/Netwon/Jeolikot) hives promoted by the NBHM.
Multifloral (a.k.a. 'Polyfloral,' or 'Wildflower' honey. They refer to the same thing, and differ only in the sound-bite... admittedly, useful to the marketers)

One of our farmers, Mr. Tsilongchem Sangtam, who keeps over 40 hives at his farm in the village of Phir-Ahi (Longkhim Sub-Division of Tuensang District, Nagaland), with a failure rate of 30% per annum to supplement his annual income with the Honey harvest.

Organic, natural (chemical-free), unadulterated, raw (i.e., unprocessed) table honey...

Date of Harvest:
December--January 2019
Geographic origin:
Longkhim Block, Tuensang District, HKH (Hindu Kush Himalayan) region, Nagaland, India
Plant source:
Multi-floral (a.k.a. Polyfloral/Wildflower) from the Hindu-Kush Himalayan Region, elevation 1500masl to 2000masl)
Bee species:
Apic cerena himalaya (One of the 3 subspecies of A. cerana indigenous to India, adapted particularly to the harsher climate, identifiable from the other subspecies by its size)
Shelf life:
N/A (Honey's has no expiry date)
1.042 kg


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