BLF Quarterly Newsletter - Moth Edition 2020

If you've been struggling during these turbulent times, then we hope our responses to this adversity, as documented herein, inspire you to greater resilience amidst this global calamity.



  1. Dear Cherri ,I gone through the BLF Newsletter. It is a great endeavour on your part. It will be of great help to the farmers. Please add one more section of questions and answers,so that experts can solve their problems. Please let us know if we can be of any kind of help to the farmers. Thank you. With regards.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Definitely looking forward for any ideas that would be meaningful for the readers.

      Let's connect...shot an email to;

  2. BLF newsletter an Amazingly helpful thing you guys have created in such a way that everyone can understand and relate to it. Thankyou so much for giving such an opportunity to proceed for cultivating in this present situation. keep it up n God bless😇

  3. sethri.. its indeed a great start to be reading what your people of BLF started and have attained so far.. to think of the lack of exposure of our farmers.. great job helping the farmer with the exposure tours. permaculture.. well it's time for our farmers to take root in and with the cultivation they are involved in.. may they reap the benefit of the soil where they plant, plan and continue to produce.
    the initiative to the school student that's wonderful.. teach them so that it will serve as start for them to respect agriculture that everything starts from the soil..
    i should know that working for farmers getting them their due credits is not easy.. this bulletin a small step for the BLF helping farmers to innovate for a giant leap towards self sufficiency..
    continue the good work.

  4. BLF launching its first newsletter is really impressive and inspiring. Great people who talks about space, moon and big big things sometimes has no knowledge about how our farmers struggle to feed people around the world. It is also amazing of the fact that you all are farming using environmental friendly method which is immensely important in the world of today. May your farming activities prosper and flood the market with varieties of products.
    Kudos to Seth & team!


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